There is no investment box without mutual funds. You can build your entire portfolio by just buying a few mutual funds across and within asset classes to achieve all your short and long term goals and objectives.

There is a product for every situation and regulation that puts your interest first. There are over thousands of mutual fund schemes in the market. Our experts crunch millions of data points to advise you best performing funds and build a well-rounded direct mutual fund portfolio to fulfill your dreams.

We value your hard-earned money and ensure you take good care of it.

Why should you subscribe?

Zero Commission, Higher Returns

About Plan

A simple, convenient, holistic, and cost-effective subscription plan curated by our experts to achieve your goals. As a trusted RIA, you will get 100% unbiased and independent advice and portfolio rebalancing subject to your plan inclusion. The plan doesn't include any overnight riches or trading tips but expert-backed wealth creation advice.

Direct Plans

Mutual Fund Distributors and other free platforms make you invest in regular funds, which takes up to 1.5% from your investment amount. You can now save on the commissions by investing in direct mutual fund plan and earn better returns.

Asset Allocation

We advise suitable asset allocation across asset classes like Equity, Debt, Cash, and alternative investment and build a well-rounded portfolio based on your risk appetite.

Achieve your Goals

Personal goals like your own home, child education, marriage, retirement, wealth creation, etc. gives you a reason to invest. We link your goals to your investments, so you can fulfill your dreams.

Risk Management

We rebalance your portfolio periodically and align your asset mix and investments aiming to reduce the risk of not achieving your goals.

Peace of Mind

You can invest directly or through our online mutual fund investment platform partnered with the BSE Star Mutual Fund.


Earn up to 1.5% extra returns


We provide a host of Smart features for simple, quick, and delightful investing like Risk Profiling, SIP, Goal-based Investing, Risk Management, Portfolio Rebalancing, and many more.


We recommend the best performing funds and durable instruments with solid fundamentals and time tested investing principles to build a well-rounded portfolio and create long-term wealth for our clients.


As trusted RIA, our advice is 100% unbiased and independent. We don't accept any commission and take a nominal advisory fee from our clients. We work for you hence our advice is completely aligned with your interests and financial goals.


We deploy bank-grade security with encryption. Your Mutual and Equity investments are safe with AMC and in your broker account and never pass through our bank account even during fund transfer.


We believe that investing should be a delightful experience just like any other online shopping experience. Therefore, we are working continuously to develop a one-stop investment solution platform that gives access to a wide range of investment products and services for a hassle-free investing experience.

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