General Query

Who can attend these workshops?

The workshop is designed keeping in mind the working people, businessmen, homemakers, women, defence personnel, etc. except for kids and teens below 19 years of age. We have a workshop designed exclusively for kids, which we conduct mainly in association with the education institutions.

I don’t have any prior knowledge or experience in personal finance? Is the workshop suitable for beginners?

We believe it’s quite important to get the basic right. Hence in our workshops the topic we cover starts from basic. No prerequisite knowledge is required. The program is conducted in simple language and you will learn and enjoy the whole program, as there will be group activities and interesting conversations with the workshop participants.

I have a basic understanding of investments and I am investing for while now in financial products. Why should I attend the workshop?

Our workshop is an interactive session, where we will cover the basics of financial planning and investment in an interesting way. If you are already invested in the market then the workshop will help you further understand that are you following the best practice or not. You will have a lot of learning and take away from the program to have a bright financial future.

Should I attend the workshop with my family? If yes, what are the benefits?

Money management is a basic concern for all the families and you and your spouse, parents, etc. must be on the same page as far as the financial future is in question. Financial mismanagement can lead to stress and fight in the families.

When you spend a day together in the workshop you can have some serious conversation at home about money, since you hear the same thing at the workshop. It also helps you kick start the conversation at the same level of understanding and develops an interest in personal finance space which is very important for healthy financial future and help you learn thing and expand your knowledge horizon which can get difficult given our busy schedule.

Is Marketgoogly associated with any bank, AMC, etc. as an agent? If yes, will there be any sales discussions during the workshop?

We are not associated with any bank, asset management companies, insurance companies, etc. as an agent. Our workshop has no elements of sales and we are not going to sell any financial product. Our workshop is a knowledge-sharing program designed to spread financial awareness and help individuals make better financial decisions for their future.

However, we do share what our company has to offer for a few minutes towards the end of our program and participants may choose to ignore the information if they wish.

Where can I register for the seat and buy the ticket for the workshop?

Please visit our workshop page on our website, you will find the link for our latest workshop.

Can I book the tickets on the spot?

Sorry, we don’t sell tickets on spot. Our workshop is planned and arrangements are made in well in advance to avoid any inconvenience to our participants during the workshop. Usually, our seats are registered in full before the scheduled date of the workshop and unless you have a confirmed seat, you won’t be allowed to attend.

Will there be any cancellation charges once I book the tickets?

Sorry, it may sound bad but the ticket booked once is non - refundable. However, you can transfer the ticket to someone else.

Are you going to share any materials from the workshop for future reference?

Sorry, we don’t share any material for future reference.

General Query

Are you registered?

Yes, we are a SEBI registered investment adviser with registration number. We are also registered with the government of India under the MSME sector.

Why should I hire a financial planner to manage my money?

As a financial planner, we will be able to connect all your financial dots to provide you with a comprehensive plan to meet your financial goals for a sound financial future. We have requisite training and experience in all kinds of financial product. Based on your risk profiling and analyzing your financial aspects, we will make the right recommendations for you.

We have come across people who think that financial planning is all about managing mutual fund investment, insurance, way to save taxes, etc. but that’s not true, financial planning helps you to be more self-aware of your financial situation and future and helps you live a disciplined financial life and ensure you have the money when you need it without altering your existing lifestyle.

What is the ideal stage in life one should start financial planning?

No, there is no right life stage where one should start with financial planning. It’s never too late or too early to do the right thing. So start financial planning today.

I have never worked with a financial planner before, how do we start?

Financial planner works under the process as specified by the financial planning board of India. We start by establishing a planner and client relationship and give you ample time so you can be comfortable with the planning process and discuss your goals and objective and other financial constraints. Once both Client and planner mutually agree to work together, we sign a written agreement as per regulatory requirement to proceed with the financial planning process and planner writes a financial plan for you based on your risk profiling and analyzing your financial state, discussing your goal and objective and make recommendations accordingly.

What is a financial plan? Is financial planning over once the plan is written and shared with the client?

A financial plan is an in-depth written document created by the planner after analyzing the financial position, goal and objectives, risk profiling of the client. Financial Plan help client to ascertain their financial life and guide them to achieve their financial goals. As clients experience life-changing events, economic changes, etc. it requires planners to make necessary changes in the plan as part of the ongoing monitoring and review process.

The fee you charge for the financial plan doesn’t appear worth to me?

Financial planning is a long-term relationship and planner invests a lot of time and energy for creating value for the client. Every client is unique and hence their risk profile, lifestyle, goals, objective, financial constraints, etc. Hence it require significant commitment of time and thought to create a unique plan for each individual. You may copy other people plan but you won’t be able to bring in the value, which is a financial planner’s job.

Can I do my financial planning?

Some investors may feel that they understand the financial products better and can do financial planning themselves. They may also rely on some personal finance magazines; software or books etc. that can help them do their planning. However, it’s always recommended to use professional advice like one seeks doctor advice if you are not well rather than taking the medication themselves.

Understand, financial planning is long term process which involves having an understanding of different avenues like investment planning, tax planning, rebalancing of asset, cash flows, etc. and require review of internal factor, external factors, and life-changing events impact on your plan, if you have enough time and expertise then you can surely do your financial planning.

I have stable earning, saving, and a decent investment. Do you think I need any financial planning?

It’s good to have a stable earning and a good net worth, but financial planning is just not restricted to having a decent saving, investment, and net worth. Financial planning is a comprehensive approach and its view in totality your financial state, financial future, ways to meet your financial goal and objective, etc. and avoid surprises during later years of your life. Only a professional planner can help you with this.

Why should I share my personal details with the financial planner?

If you don’t trust your advocate and don’t reveal the truth, you know chances of winning are less as you are hiding the truth. Similarly, you should trust your planner completely as confidentiality is prime for a planner and share your correct financial data with your income, expense, asset and liabilities, etc. so a planner can evaluate your financial life and come up with the correct financial plan.

Unless you share the correct data the recommendation shared as part of the financial plan like tax saving product based on your income, insurance coverage requirement, asset class you should invest in, etc. will be based on tweaked data and of no use.

Once my financial planning process is completed, can I contact you for any query?

Once a financial plan is written for you, you may or not choose to implement it through the planner. It’s right of the client to decide not to go any further. If you decide to go ahead, your planner will discuss the next steps and implement your plan. Understand planning is an ongoing process and long term relationship between client and planner, any changes in goal and life stages require the planner to review the plan unless one may choose to end the relationship with the existing planner.

What if I don’t need comprehensive planning but need advice on my investment portfolio or insurance policies or tax-saving products

Yes, you can avail of our other services. We provide services to meet the specific need of our clients who are seeking advice on investment planning, tax planning, insurance planning, etc.

What is the source of communication and mode of delivery of the plan with your clients?

We mainly provide and deliver services online and our main source of communication is either through phone, video chat like Skype, emails, and through our website.

Is my data secure?

We operate in a highly secure environment and all our clients’ data are highly secured. No one except your assigned planner can access your financial data.

Advising & Services Query

Do you advise on financial products except Mutual funds?

Yes, we do advise on other financial products available in the market. We advise as per your risk profile and your financial state and ensure proper asset allocation. We will discuss the different asset classes be it equity, debt, real estate, and gold, and also advice you on products suitable for your profile within the asset class to achieve diversification.

Do you advice on equity?

We advise on equity mainly through equity-oriented mutual funds and basket of direct equity created exclusively for you. Based on the risk profile, we will allocate the investment across asset class.

Do you advice on estate planning?

We don’t cover Estate planning as part of the financial planning process.

Do you advise on real estate?

We advise on real estate only when our client has home buying goals. We analyze the finances and make recommendations accordingly.

Do you advise on trading derivatives?

No, derivative is out of scope as it trading and not investment.

Do you provide Tax services like ITR filing, GST filing as part of the Tax planning process?

Tax services are separate activities and don’t come under the purview of the tax planning process.

Do you have NRI services and how can NRI invest in Mutual funds?

Yes, We will have NRI financial planning services in the future and NRI can invest in mutual funds through their NRO and NRE account.

How frequently do you monitor the portfolio?

We review your portfolio semi-annually and annually depending upon the agreement as financial planning is prepared keeping in mind your future. However if the client desires we may review certain parts of the plan quarterly too. We also help in rebalancing the portfolio based on life-changing events like marriage, children or inheritance of wealth, etc.

Can I update my income, expense, asset and liabilities online

Yes. We value our client trust and data security. You can now update your financial details online in a highly secured environment. We may request for some additional information for Tax planning service offline but rest everything can be updated online.

Where can I view and approve my financial plan?

You can view and approve your financial plan online in our financial planning dashboard report section.

Can I view the performance of my investment, net worth, and cash flow online?

Yes, .you can view your investment performance online in our financial planning dashboard. You also view your current net worth and cash flow online.

Do you provide offline services?

No, we don’t provide offline services the execution of advice it online only, however, our planners will be in touch with you continuously.

Do you provide 24/7 customer support services?

Sorry, we don’t provide 24/7 customer support services at present. Our working hours are from 10 am to 6 Pm except Saturday and Sunday. During non-working hours you may contact us through email and we will try to revert at earliest.

Fee & Investment Query

Do you charge any fee for the initial meeting and discussion?

No, there is no fee for an initial meeting. We look forward to discussing your goals and aspirations and give basic advice.

What is the minimum amount of investment?

There is no minimum amount of investment, as we firmly believe everyone has the right to invest and attain financial freedom irrespective of the ability to invest. Also, Disciplined saving and spending will certainly help you with better investment in the future. Financial planning will help you with everything.

Are there any guaranteed returns and will I be able to achieve all my goals by hiring your services?

No doctor guarantees that the patient will get cured based on their treatment. Similarly, we too don’t offer any guaranteed returns. We advise based on your risk profiling and current financial state and offer the best of advice that suits your requirement. Financial planning is a life long process, there are certain events beyond our control such as economic policies that will affect the financial planning results.

If I don’t implement the advice through you, will the renewal fee be waived off?

We would recommend you to implement the advice on our platform because it makes it easy for the platform to monitor and track your investments. If you don’t wish to continue, the renewal fee will be waived off.

Can I discontinue the services of your portal, what is the process?

It would be unfortunate for us that we will not be part of your financial journey. However, if the reason you choose to discontinue is because you are unhappy with our services, we would like to understand the reason as we aim to continuously improve ourselves and will close your account and send a confirmation email to your registered email id. You will not be charged anything for closure of the account.

Do you earn any commission or brokerage on your advice to the client?

We are a fee-only planner and we don’t earn any commission or brokerage for any advice. Our only source of revenue is from our clients in the form of fees we charge for our services. However, we do have fee-based model also, if the client doesn’t wish to implement the plan through us as its optional, we help them with plan implementation by referring him/her to some other suitable adviser.

General Query

What is and what mutual fund services do you offer? is an online investment advisor registered with SEBI as an RIA, where we give unbiased advice aligned to individual goals and interests. We are not distributors or agents of Mutual Funds houses, which means we will not receive any commission from AMC by selling their funds to our customers and hence we act in the best interest of our customers. We recommend you what we would do ourselves.

You will be able to view Mutual portfolio recommendation across asset class based on your risk profiling to meet your financial goals. Our team in-depth experience, extensive research, and real-time data-driven approach ensure our recommendation is aligned with your risk appetite and financial goals.

You can view the complete portfolio in one place including existing investments, goal-based investment action plan, create your portfolio, SIP, SWP, STP, View statements, Set up e-mandate etc. and receive alerts on portfolio rebalancing subject to plan and SIP so your portfolio stays healthy.

How Marketgoogly services is different from a regular broker, bank, or other financial websites?

For us, customer trust is very important and we maintain that trust with total transparency in advisory fee for our services with no transaction cost, commission, fees, or hidden charges.

At Marketgoogly, you will invest in direct mutual fund schemes that works on zero commission model and help lower your investment cost. Hence, your money grows at a faster pace. We don’t receive any hidden brokerage, commission, or any unmentioned amount from any fund houses except advisory fees from our clients, which help us to offer unbiased recommendations on the best funds.

Do you sell Regular Plans of Mutual Funds?

No. We only sell direct plans of mutual fund.

How does investing through Marketgoogly benefit us?

Marketgoogly sells only a direct plan of mutual fund, which lower investment costs and generate higher returns for the investor. Investor saves money on hidden brokerage and commission unlike investing in regular fund, which translates into higher NAV indirect fund.

Since, we have no conflict of interest with the mutual fund houses we give competent, unbiased advice tailored to suit your risk profile and give access to platforms to invest and automatically track your holdings, portfolio across AMC, and host of other features at one place.

How much can I save, if I buy Direct Plans at Marketgoogly?

By buying a direct plan, the investor will save on hidden commission which is roughly 1-1.5% which varies from scheme to scheme in regular plan. The money thus saved gets added back resulting in additional gains every year for the investor. Thus, the direct plan has a lower expense ratio and a higher return for the investor. Understand, although regular platforms don’t charge anything they earn much more indirectly.

When I invest in regular funds, how does my broker or agent make hidden money?

For the regular plan, the Fund house charges an annual management fee, which is <2.5% of the total investment. Out of this approximately 1 to 1.5% is given to the distributor as a commission yearly (paid monthly) for as long as investors stay invested in the fund.

LLet say, you have invested Rs 10,00,000 in mutual fund who hasn’t charged you a fee, that distributor will earn approx. between Rs 10,000 to Rs 18,000 from you yearly.

As your investment grows, the commission will be paid on the latest investment value.

Let say, your initial investment of Rs 10,00,000 has gone up to say Rs 15,00,000 so the distributor will now earn approx. between Rs 15,000 to Rs 27,000 per year.

Any incremental investment will also entail further commission for the distributor even though they haven’t helped in you anyway. This effectively reduces the investor returns to the extend of the commission. These never-ending commissions remain hidden from you. Even if you stop using a broker’s services, he will continue to receive the hidden commissions on those investments, because his broker code is attached to your initial investment.

WWhy are you charging a fee on Mutual Fund Advisory services when my existing bank/ broker/ distributor/ friend gives me advice for free?

There is a famous saying that there are no free lunches in this world. When you buy regular funds your agent, broker, distributor, etc. get paid 1 to 1.5% commissions every year based on the latest value of your investment and every incremental investment.

However, if you buy direct mutual fund there are no hidden commission and brokerage and its results in lower investment value and higher return even though you pay a small fee for the expert advice for our mutual fund advisory services based on you risk profiling, it is a negligible amount we earn compared to regular fund as they earn much more indirectly (For regular fund per year commission amount is high explained in question no 6 Vs. flat fee charged by Marketgoogly above).

How can I differentiate between Regular Plan Vs Direct Plan?

If you are making a fresh investment or if you have already invested check the account statement issued to you by Mutual Fund Company look for the word Direct or Dr which means direct fund, if the word Direct or Dr is missing then it’s a regular fund.

If you have invested through the bank, agent, distributor, or broker and say their advice is free or have not told you explicitly which plan you are getting invested in or they are AMC paid distributor, agent, etc. most likely you have invested in the regular fund.

What is FACTA declaration?

It’s a regulatory requirement wherein mutual fund investors need to provide information and documentation related to additional personal, tax, and beneficial owner information toward compliance with tax information-sharing laws, such as FACTA/CRS which can be submitted online for your convenience.

Fee Query

What is the fee charged by Marketgoogly for Mutual Fund Advisory services?

For Mutual Fund Advisory take an advisory fee from our client. You can view the advisory fee from the services page.

Do I need to pay any transactional fee while investing through Marketgoogly?

No transactional fee is applicable while investing through Marketgoogly.

Can I get a refund of the subscription fee in case I am not happy with Marketgoogly services?

Sorry, it may sound bad, but we cannot process refunds as it goes towards operational and servicing charges for your account from the day you register.

Can I pay a subscription fee using cash or Cheque?

Sorry we only accept online payments.

Are there any other charges and taxes that I would need to pay other than the subscription charges?

Below charges are applicable irrespective of investing Marketgoogly.

Securities transaction tax - As per regulation only on Equity and Balanced fund levied on sale of MF unit.

Exit load: As applicable for every scheme

Any other charges levied by the bank

Capital Gain Tax (Short/Long term) based on the holding tenure

The subscription amount doesn’t include government taxes. Applicable taxes shall be levied on top of the subscription fee.

Account Query

Who can open an account at Marketgoogly?

Any individual investors and NRI can open an account with Marketgoogly having a valid PAN and NRO/NRE account in the case of NRI.

How do I create an account at Marketgoogly?

Sign up with your name, email id, phone number, and share a few basic details like PAN card so we can complete your KYC (Know Your Customer). Unless you are KYC compliant as per government rule you cannot make any investment.

If you have already invested in Mutual fund previously then you don’t need to go through the KYC process again.

I am investing for the first time, how can I become KYC Compliant?

You don’t have to worry about the manual paperwork if you are first time investor and not KYC compliant. We do online video KYC for first-time investors for a nominal investment.

I am finding an issue while registering on what should I do?

You can bring the issue to our notice by writing to us at or call our customer care service.

Is my Marketgoogly account free? Is there a minimum balance?

Your Marketgoogly account is free and it’s a zero-balance account.

Can I add nominee to my investment account in Marketgoogly?

During registration, you can add nominee of your choice.

I am unable to login to my Marketgoogly account?

You can try refreshing the page and try to login again. If the issue persists you can write to us or call our customer care service.

I have opened the Marketgoogly account but not able to invest?

Please check your profile page if you have completed all your formalities and uploaded the required documents to activate your investment account. If yes, please write to us or call our customer care service.

I have forgotten my password, how can set a new password?

On the login page, you would find forgot password link. On this link, you need to enter your registered email id and a link would be sent to your registered email id, you need to click on this link to set your new password.

I am not able to add my bank to Marketgoogly account?

The bank you are trying to register should be available in the list of banks, which has tied up with BSE. If you are facing issues for the bank in the existing list you may write to us at

Why do I need to provide a bank mandate while registering?

For SIP and a few other arrangements, a certain amount is invested in a mutual fund scheme on a particular due date. The investment amount has to be regularly auto-debited from your bank account to the AMC account for which you authorize your bank to issue the bank mandate.

How do I set up a Bank Mandate and how long does it take?

Three mandate processes are depending on your bank:

For ISIP Bank Mandate:

  • Set Mandate amount in your profile or when you place your first SIP. You will receive notification from us detailing the next steps.
  • Add Biller with your bank to register “BSE Limited” or “BSE ISIP” as a Biller with your bank. Banks take up to 7-10 working days to confirm the Biller addition to us. You can ask your bank's support team to expedite this process

For XSIP/eNACH bank mandates:

  • Set Mandate amount in your profile or when you place your first SIP. You need to download the form sign and re-upload the mandate in the portal.


  • Online Mandate in just a few clicks

I can’t find the biller “BSE Ltd” or “BSE ISIP” on my bank’s mobile app?

If you are not able to find "BSE Ltd" or "BSE ISIP" on your bank's mobile app, please try on the website. You can also contact your bank’s customer support for help in adding "BSE" as a biller to your bank account.

Will the Bank Mandate amount be auto-deducted from my bank account?

The Bank Mandate amount will not be auto-deducted from your bank account unless you place a SIP order.

How do I increase my Bank Mandate limit

For ISIP Bank Mandate:

Edit the Mandate amount in the biller already registered with your bank.

For XSIP/eNach bank mandates:

Mandates once set cannot be edited. Email us at to cancel the mandate and stop the linked SIP orders so that you can set a higher mandate amount.

How can I change my registered bank with Marketgoogly?

If you want to change the bank account, you will need to resend the SPI mandate.

How safe is my account with Marketgoogly?

Marketgoogly account ensures all your personal and investment details are kept secure and offer high-level security of your accounts.

How can I transfer my holdings from the existing investment account to Marketgoogly account?

If you are already invested in a regular plan of a mutual fund, you can redeem your holdings with your existing AMC/Advisor/Broker and then do fresh investment with us.

If you have already invested in a direct plan of mutual fund and you want to transfer your holding to our account, you can raise a request by writing to us at and send upload your folio wise details to us.

What will happen to my mutual fund holdings on closure of my Marketgoogly account?

You can transfer out your holding from our account to the respective Broker/Advisor/AMC account without any hassles.

Investment & Order Query

How do you recommend a mutual fund scheme for mutual fund advisory services?

Based on your risk profile, goals, and objective, we recommend you list of handpicked schemes and recommend your mutual fund portfolio that tailored to suit your profile. Our team in-depth experience, extensive research, and real-time data-driven approach ensure our recommendation is aligned with your risk appetite and financial goals.

What NAV will be applicable for buying mutual fund?

The cut off time for any transaction to be processed on the same day is 2 PM. All non-liquid fund transaction that is of value less than Rs 2 Lakhs, get the same-day NAV.

Transaction completed after cut off time will be executed the next business day NAV of next business day is allotted. For liquid fund any amount and for non-liquid fund transactions greater than or equal to Rs 2 Lakhs in a single scheme on a single day, the NAV would be applicable based on the actual realization of the fund by AMC. In most cases, the payment gateway transfers the fund to respective AMC by the next working day and NAV is applicable accordingly.

As per SEBI guideline, for transaction amount greater than or equal to Rs 2 Lakhs, the transfer of money to AMC bank account has to be completed by 3 PM for qualifying for same-day NAV. If the money reaches the AMC account later due to interbank delays, the NAV of the next business day will be allotted. The above may subject to change as per guidelines issued.

What is NAV applicable for redemption requests?

For redemption transactions, the cut-off time to process same-day NAV is 2 PM. The money gets credited in your account as per schedule: Equity Funds – 3 business days, Debt Funds – 2 business days, Liquid funds – 1 business day. The above may subject to change as per guidelines issued.

How frequently will I get an update on my portfolio?

You can view your portfolio update on the dashboard.

How frequently you do portfolio review and rebalancing?

Portfolio review and rebalancing feature is only available to our Portfolio advisory clients who have purchased the portfolio rebalancing services. If you have opted for portfolio rebalancing, You will receive an alert whenever your portfolio needs to be rebalanced and will also give recommendations so you can take the desired action.

Will you recommend when to sell the MF unit?

Yes. If you opted for our Portfolio advisory rebalancing services you would get alert on your holdings.

How can I transfer the money for my mutual fund investments on Marketgoogly?

Once you have selected your desired mutual fund scheme name, unit, amount, and other transaction details you need to click you buy. A new link will open where you need to make payment using the BSE payment gateway to confirm your transaction.

How can I buy and redeem mutual fund investment?

If you are an advisory customer, you will need to answer a few basic questions to determine your risk profile. Based on your risk profiling, Marketgoogly would suggest you a model portfolio allocation and scheme tailored to suit your need.

My transaction got rejected, what the reason for rejection?

You may bring to our notice by writing to us or call our customer care.

I am not able to place a buy/sell transaction?

Please bring to our notice by writing to us or call our customer care.

I am not able to place a redemption transaction?

Please bring to our notice by writing to us or call our customer care.

I am not able to modify the transaction?

Please bring to our notice by writing to us or call our customer care.

My folio is not updated, even I though I have successfully invested in mutual fund?

Folio update takes a few days upon successful transaction, however after 2-3 days if the folio is not reflecting the investment you may bring to our notice and write to us

My redemption proceeds yet not credited to my bank account, although I have successfully placed the redemption request?

Redemption amount will be credited to your bank account as per below schedule

Equity Funds – 3 business days, Debt Funds – 2 business days, Liquid funds – 1 business day.

if you still face any issue you may bring to our notice and write to us

Can I review how my investment our performing?

Yes. You can review your investment performance on your dashboard.

Are there any guaranteed returns for Mutual Fund Advisory services?

No doctor guarantees that the patient will get cured based on their treatment. Similarly, we too don’t offer any guaranteed returns. We advise based on your risk profiling and current financial state and offer the best of advise that suits your requirement We value our client money and advise based on extensive research and analysis. However, all investments are subject to market risk and actual returns might not in line with the expected returns due to market risk.

SIP/STP/SWP and Import Query

What is a SIP?

A Systematic Investment Plan is an investment vehicle offered by mutual funds to investors, allowing them to invest small amounts periodically instead of lump sums. The frequency of investment is usually weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

What is an STP?

A Systematic Transfer Plan or STP helps you to regularly move your holdings from one scheme to another within the same Fund House and Folio. For example, you can invest a large amount in a Liquid Fund of one scheme and move to the Equity Fund of the same fund house every week, month, or quarter. On the date of a scheduled STP transaction, a sell order in the Source Scheme and a Purchase Order in the Target Scheme is placed automatically.

What is an SWP?

Systematic Withdrawal Plan allows you to withdraw a certain amount of money at a regular interval from your lump sum investment on a preset date every month, quarter, or week as per needed.

How do I move from my current platform to Marketgoogly?

For non-Demat account:

You need to stop your existing investment on other platforms and start in Marketgoogly for direct plans. If you cannot stop for some reason, you can still track and sync all your holdings.

For Demat accounts follow the below steps:

  • We don’t support Demat based folios. You need to sell your Demat units and then buy them directly from us. Selling could have tax implications, as well as exit penalty or;
  • You can also stop further investment in your DEMAT and start DIRECT investing on our platform

How do I import my existing SIPs?

You need to stop your existing SIP on other platforms and start a new SIP in Marketgoogly for direct plans. If you cannot stop your external SIPs for some reason, you can still track and sync all your holdings.

Will future SIP or Lumpsum transactions get imported automatically?

No, We recommend you stop your ongoing SIPs in other platforms and invest through our platform in the future or you can share your account statement periodically so we can import to keep your portfolio in sync.

General Query

What is a Marketgoogly Equity advisory service?

Our equity analyst proactively researches the most performing stocks and create an intelligent basket of stocks that reflects an idea popularly known as Marketgoogly Small cases, which are managed by our equity analyst that helps you make informed decisions to build a healthy equity portfolio.

What is a Marketgoogly small case and who can buy this?

A Marketgoogly small case is a basket of stocks/ETFs in a specified weighting scheme that reflects a certain objective, ideas, themes, or strategies, backed by the research team of Marketgoogly. Marketgoogly small cases can be bought by any individual who wants to invest in the equity market by making more informed decisions and invest in an intelligent basket of equity. You can also request access for an exclusive small case by filling up the request invite form on the small case profile.

Where can I buy Marketgoogly small case?

You can buy small cases on any of the partner brokers. Select a small case, select your broker and invest in less than 2 clicks. Our current partner brokers are: Zerodha, Axis Direct, Edelweiss, HDFC Securities, Kotak Securities, 5 Paisa, and more. If you don’t have a DP account, we will guide redirect you to service providers for further assistance.

What are the benefits of a small case?

  • You can view Marketgoogly small cases with all historical performance, CAGR, daily change values, related news & can invest in small cases with your existing broker & Demat account in a click.
  • We believe in transparency and informed decision and hence, we also display logics behind our stock picks
  • Investing in multiple stocks protects you against volatility in a specific stock. With ETFs, you can also diversify your investment between different asset classes
  • Stay in control of your investment. Invest without lock-in & earn dividends directly in your bank account
  • You will receive a regular update to rebalance your portfolio, as we believe balancing your money is key to make sure your money is always in the right place.
  • ETFs, that constitute the small cases, are simple to understand, have low expense ratios and are liquid
  • Zero management fees

How do I track my investments?

When you buy a small case, the index value is set to 100 on the buy day - this helps you track the total returns without having to monitor each stock. You can also use the performance metrics to get a more detailed understanding of your small cases and view your investments in the dashboard.

Are there lock-in periods?

There are no lock-in periods, so you may sell your small cases anytime. As a concept, however, small cases work best when used for long-term investing.

Do you charge any advising fee?

Yes. You may check the advisory fee on our services page.

Are there any guaranteed returns?

No doctor guarantees that the patient will get cured based on their treatment. Similarly, we too don’t offer any guaranteed returns. We advise based on your risk profiling and current financial state and offer the best of advise that suits your requirement We value our client money and advise based on extensive research and analysis. However, all investments are subject to market risk and actual returns might not in line with the expected returns due to market risk.