The Equity market is a unique place. It has a huge potential for long term wealth creation, only if the investor focuses on a few but better investment opportunities and avoid personal biases.

Remember, It's not just about picking the right stocks, but also deciding on the weightage of the stocks, knowing when to sell, and managing various risks like removing the underperformers at the right time for wealth creation.

We believes in the long-term investing model backed by solid fundamentals with time tested investing principles.We have curated an intelligent basket of stocks that reflects an idea and rebalance it periodically to build a healthy equity portfolio and generate good returns.

Mera Plan

Customized Equity portfolio created by experts for healthy returns
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Customized Portfolio
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Portfolio Rebalancing
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Equity Methodology and Returns

Equity Aapna Time Plan

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About Plan

A simple, convenient, and cost-effective subscription plan curated by our experts for healthy returns. As trusted RIA, you will get 100% unbiased advice on an intelligent basket of stocks and periodic rebalancing of the portfolio. The plan doesn't include any overnight riches or trading tips but independent and expert-backed long term wealth creation advice.


We believe in long term investing model with solid fundamentals and time tested investing principles to build a well-rounded portfolio and create long term wealth for our clients.

Diversify Risk

We consider future sectoral performances and create portfolios to diversify your investments to reduce the overall portfolio risk and assign weights for better risk-reward tradeoffs.

Portfolio Rebalancing

We do periodic rebalancing of the portfolio and ensure you get timely updates. We believe rebalancing your investment is key to make sure your money is always in the right place and working hard for you to create wealth.

Peace of Mind

You will have complete control over your investments. You can either invest directly or invest in the equity basket with your existing broker account through our equity platform.


You will receive email communication for advisors broadcasts, payment confirmations, and transactional emails like rebalancing updates.


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We provide a host of Smart features for simple, quick, and delightful investing like Risk Profiling, SIP, Goal-based Investing, Risk Management, Portfolio Rebalancing, and many more.


We recommend the best performing funds and durable instruments with solid fundamentals and time tested investing principles to build a well-rounded portfolio and create long-term wealth for our clients.


As trusted RIA, our advice is 100% unbiased and independent. We don't accept any commission and take a nominal advisory fee from our clients. We work for you hence our advice is completely aligned with your interests and financial goals.


We deploy bank-grade security with encryption. Your Mutual and Equity investments are safe with AMC and in your broker account and never pass through our bank account even during fund transfer.


We believe that investing should be a delightful experience just like any other online shopping experience. Therefore, we are working continuously to develop a one-stop investment solution platform that gives access to a wide range of investment products and services for a hassle-free investing experience.

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